• As a Leader:

João Hasselberg  Whatever It Is You’re Seeking, Won’t Come In The Form You’re Expecting (Sintoma Records 2013)

• As a Co-Leader:

Iberian Express   Fiets EP (Barcelona Jazz Collective 2013)

Iberian Express Haring (Barcelona Jazz Collective 2013)

 As a Sideman:

Joana Espadinha (Sony Music 2014)

Nuno Ferreira SET (Sintoma Records 2014)

André Santos   Ponto de Partida (TOAP 2013)

Luisa Sobral   There’s a Flower In My Bedroom (Universal Music 2013)

Bruno Santos   Bruno Santos Ensemble (TOAP 2013)

Mariana Norton   10 Sides To My Story (2013)

Afonso Pais & Rita Maria   O Miope E O Arco Iris (Sintoma Records 2013)

Simone de Oliveira   Pedaços De Mim (Get Records 2013)

João Firmino   A Casa Da Arvore (Sintoma Records 2012)

João Firmino   A Bolha (JACC 2011)

Luisa Sobral   The Cherry On My Cake (Universal Music 2011)

Spyros Manesis   Undelivered (JACC 2011)

Gilles Estoppey   AMTER (Dinemec 2007)

IMI Kollektief   Sung As A Gun (Clean Feed 2006)


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